2019 has been incredibly exciting as we have begun to build Socati into the global leader and the world’s most important CBD company. Over the last year, we have accomplished a tremendous amount, including:

Opening our state-of-the-art seed genetics facility in Woodburn, OR

Over the last year, we have built our Oregon team to a total of 25 employees. The Socati Oregon team is led by Tyler Spurgeon. This team has made significant progress in the acquisition, development and production of several exciting hemp varietals, including a CBG-rich genetic to support the launch of our suite of CBG-rich ingredients.

Purchased Blue Marble Biomaterials, a world-class producer of innovative natural ingredients

In April 2019, we acquired Blue Marble Biomaterials, a manufacturer of natural and sustainable specialty compounds for the global food, fragrance and cosmetic sectors located in Missoula, Montana. As part of the transaction, we also acquired the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified facility in which Blue Marble operated, a 22,000 square foot food grade manufacturing facility.

The facility and the team have allowed us to rapidly scale production to become one of the industry’s largest suppliers of cannabinoid-based ingredients, which have undergone our proprietary process to remediate THC below lab-detectable levels while leaving CBD and other synergistic cannabinoids intact.

Significantly, with the Blue Marble acquisition, we also acquired a wealth of experience from the Blue Marble team. Blue Marble previously worked on ingredient innovation and production projects for the likes of Kraft Heinz and Lush Cosmetics, among others. Led by James Stephens, previously the CEO of Blue Marble, we have increased our team in Montana to 47 employees since the time of the acquisition.

Formulated, produced and began to sell precise, consistent and safe products

When it comes to our products, we speak passionately about our four pillars of product development:  precision, consistency, safety, and quality. A void exists in the market of hemp-derived cannabinoid manufacturers that share our vision and we have learned that our value proposition is exactly what reputable brands yearn for.

We have now launched a CBG-Rich distillate product. CBG, a minor cannabinoid found in hemp, has recently become in demand for several health and wellness uses. Unlike our competitors, we are able to utilize our advanced refinement capabilities to increase or decrease the CBD and CBG content to customers’ specifications, which distinguishes our materials from other products on the market without level of precision. Additionally, we have just completed the launch of our CBN-Rich Defined Spectrum product that can also be formulated to targeted ratios.

We are using advanced encapsulation technologies to deliver water-soluble cannabinoid ingredients for finished consumer products. Through leveraging some of the most advanced technologies available, our new water soluble ingredient offers the precision that manufacturers require to satisfy the rapidly growing consumer demand for products containing CBD and other cannabinoids. 

This encapsulation technology has allowed us to incorporate any of our targeted ratios into a best-in-class water-soluble product. Additionally, with this water-soluble powder as the base, we have developed crystallized beverage mixes that allow us to introduce unique flavor profiles into direct-to-mouth single portion stick packs, as well as a variety of advanced beverage mix formulations.


As our business continues to progress forward in this exciting new industry, we are setting the standard for the manufacture of cannabinoid-based ingredients. We believe that we are already well on our way to attaining one of our most important goals – to become synonymous with the reliable supply of consistent, innovative, high-quality ingredients to power cannabinoid brands.

Socati is not a hemp company, a CBD company, or a cannabis company; Socati is a precision cannabinoid company, and, more importantly, a value-added ingredient company with the sophistication, precision, standards and scale necessary to meet the needs of any company that wants to launch a cannabinoid brand.

We are positioned for growth in 2020 and would like to tell you more about our plans! Connect with us to see how we can be your trusted partner this year.