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Ingredients for Success

As the body of research has grown and consumers have begun learning about the benefits of cannabinoids, demand for products containing CBD and other cannabinoids has grown. Still, getting access to these powerful natural compounds has been a challenge, because the plants that produce CBD also produce THC*.

Removing the THC* from hemp extracts has long been possible using a technology called chromatography, but only in very small quantities. And then, just at the right moment, a breakthrough happened.

As the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp-derived products at the federal level, Socati’s team of scientific researchers completed a multi-year project to develop a chromatography process that could reduce THC* to non-detectable levels more effectively than existing processes and do it at much higher speed and volume.

Ingredients first

Being a pioneer, Socati built a company to function like other ingredient suppliers, giving manufacturers access to hemp-derived ingredients that behave just like every other ingredient.

World-class team

Socati has assembled a team of experts who have real-world experience and a passion for creating a better world. Our team of agronomists, geneticists, chemists, and industry executives use their decades of specialized expertise to deliver the next generation of natural ingredients through pioneering advancements in the science that underlies our processes. Our team has a proven track record founding and managing agribusiness, biochemical, medical cannabis, healthcare, and high-tech companies.

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Industrial leadership

Beyond our first-class team, cutting-edge technology and exceptional product, our commitment to safety and quality sets us apart. We have been identified as the leader in the cannabinoid ingredient sector, taking an active role in advocating for hemp farmers, processors and scientists, and in building the legal, commercial and financial conditions for the industry to thrive.

Socati was selected to speak at the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) first public hearing on hemp-derived compounds. We called on regulators to act quickly to deliver guidance on claims, quality and labeling, ensuring that consumers can safely derive the greatest value from this ingredient and the U.S. economy can realize the full economic potential of this fast-growing industry. Our testimony focused on the urgent need for strong regulation to ensure manufacturing quality and purity, creating that “race to the top” instead of a “race to the bottom. ”We know your customers want it and we are creating the safe and reliable path to get there.


Austin, TX

Socati’s corporate headquarters is located in Austin, TX. In addition to housing many of the company’s basic functions, our headquarters also boasts a unique experiential space on the ground floor, offering occasional, invitation-only events and giving customers the chance to see Socati’s industry-leading ingredients in action.

Missoula, MT

Socati’s processing plant plays an important role in the company’s operations. Located in Missoula, MT, the plant produces some of the highest quality and purest cannabinoid ingredients available. With more than a decade of history as a flavor and fragrance producer for some of the world’s largest CPG companies, the facility and the team at Socati Montana have unique experience that helps get products containing cannabinoid ingredients into production quickly and cost-effectively.

*As determined by independent testing with leading US laboratories.