Socati Showcases Broad-Spectrum CBD Ingredients, with Non-dectable THC, at SupplySide West

CBD industry leader Socati is at the forefront of hemp technology and hemp derived ingredients. The company currently provides a well-vetted, high-quality, and reliable bulk CBD ingredients for the consumable products’ market.

This October 15–19, Socati joined over 1,300 exhibiting suppliers at the 2019 Supply Side West (SSW) event in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Supply Side West is a networking event of unmatched size. In fact, it’s the largest in the consumer goods industry. Over 17,000 ingredient buyers and the suppliers who support them come together to share ideas and discuss industry expansion. This year, for the first time ever, Supply Side West hosts exhibitions that include samples, demonstrations, and products containing hemp-based CBD. The connections forged at SSW and the ideas that power the discussions at the event shape the strategies that drive business forward.

Focused on the health and nutrition segment, SSW features more than 1,300 exhibiting companies showcasing over 10,000 ingredients and the solutions that unlock growth. Attendees enjoy all of the hallmarks of a successful trade show, including educational events, industry expert speakers, exhibitors, networking receptions, and tastings.

At an event like this, it’s no wonder a company like Socati will hold court. CBD and hemp-derived products are, after all, becoming household names. Businesses want to offer solutions to consumers to capitalize on this growing trend. The popularity of CBD was seen in the wide array of workshops, education forums, breakouts and numerous booths that featured CBD as their headliner. CBD’s tremendous popularity at SSW marks a growing legitimacy for hemp-derived, CBD products.

During the event, Socati discussed its innovation and the state of hemp and CBD today with business people from several niches in the consumer industry. This powerful flow of information is crucial for the explosive growth predicted in the CBD sector.

The strides that Socati is making in the CBD industry helps support the burgeoning trade. As the cannabinoid business stretches its legs in newly opened pastures, the room for innovation and success is incredible. It’s matched only by the consumer demand for safe CBD products.

Who Is Socati?

Socati is an American company leading the charge for consistent, safe, and reliable CBD ingredients. Its industrial-scale operation leads the industry in seed genetics, extraction, and purification of cannabinoid ingredients. It’s technology and know-how is leading the way in producing ingredients rich with CBD and other cannabinoids and containing non-detectable levels of THC.

Socati is headquartered in Austin, Texas, here it can keep an eye and ear on the ever-growing segment of the consumer goods market. The company also operates facilities in Missoula, Montana, and Woodburn, Oregon.

It’s a brave new world when hemp and cannabinoid products become true job creators. However, that world is certainly upon us.

“The demand for CBD is increasing exponentially. It’s very difficult to remove THC while leaving the full spectrum of other naturally occurring cannabinoids. We’re poised to be a leading supplier to meet the high standards of top consumer brands as they incorporate CBD into their products.” –Josh Epstein, Socati CEO

Socati’s work resides at the nexus of nature and science. The company believes that there is the potential for incredible change and a positive impact at this crossroads. Specifically, it focuses on building a worldwide broad-spectrum CBD extract supply chain for companies in the consumer goods market. This includes CBD-rich ingredients, strain genetics to influence cannabinoid composition of seeds, regulation development, and THC abatement procedures. In the future, the company hopes to expand this repertoire to include other services that the industry needs.

Thanks to significant investments in hemp technology and a commitment to innovative market disruption, Socati provides its cannabinoid products to major manufacturers and brands on an industrial scale. The company’s commitment to quality assurance and research and development provides a commodity as desirable as CBD products: trust. To deliver this, Socati produces ingredients in an SQF Certified facility. The facility uses GMP standards to ensure extracts are all natural, food-grade, kosher, and ingredient grade.

Hemp Today

Hemp is a misunderstood part of the Cannabis plant. The word hemp itself is not a scientific term, but a broad classification for parts of the plant, that was adopted into our culture, much like the word marijuana.  Hemp is a term that has been used to classify varieties of Cannabis that contained less than .03% or less THC content (by dry weight).

Recently, the U.S. government legalized hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill. Per section 10113 of the Farm Bill, hemp cannot contain more than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight. Any cannabis plant that contains more than 0.3 percent THC would be considered non-hemp cannabis—or marijuana—and under federal law would has no legal protection under the law. Hemp that meets the guidelines can be legally cultivated in certain states, that have state authorized hemp programs.

Growing industrial hemp today is legal in some states and can be used for a wide variety of consumer goods. Hemp seed oil does not naturally contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. This has made hemp seed oil a popular alternative for many types of products since it is renewable resource and can offer different benefits for some people, e.g. people who cannot consume dairy find hemp milk a good alternative.

Of course, CBD itself is also in demand. CBD is a plant compound previously ignored by government officials. This left hemp and CBD in a legal gray area prior to the Farm Bill that prevented palpable industry growth. Banks were reluctant to fund CBD ventures because of potential problems with the federal government. Likewise, many retailers refused to carry CBD products because the legal status was unclear. One of the goals of the bill was to pave the way for hemp industries to become job creators and increase revenue in areas hit hard by changing economic times.

Much curiosity surrounds CBD these days. Consumers are inundated with endless circulating stories about the compound. There is conflicting information stories of promising research and possible health improvements are coupled with false promises and news of unscrupulous companies falsely labeling and selling products that do not meet government regulations. While many consumer are extremely interested in trying this cannabinoid themselves, others are wary of the stigma hemp has always held.

Obviously, companies that manufacture and sell consumer products are interested in capitalizing on the wave of flourishing consumer interest, even if they don’t have the infrastructure and knowledge to go “all in” on hemp.

When it comes to purchasing products that contain CBD, state regulations come into play. If an individual is wanting to purchase a product with CBD, it is imperative to know the laws of the state it is being purchased (and the laws of any state to which that product may transport).

This background and current state of affairs open the door for companies like Socati to truly innovate and drive the concept of CBD and hemp-derived ingredients forward into the new age.

“Once CBD-infused products are widely available, consumers will expect them to be made like others they routinely consume, using good manufacturing practices and quality standards with enforceable oversight. They’ll want labeling that is standardized, accurate, relevant, and clear.” –Josh Epstein, Socati CEO

 What Does Socati Offer to the Consumable Products Industry?

Unfortunately, the CBD industry is only just emerging from under a blanket of suspicion due to its confusion with marijuana. The budding potential that it enjoys is a recent development, thanks to the remedies and resources provided in the Farm Bill. Specifically, the U.S. federal government has lifted a number of restrictions on industrial hemp production through this legislation. This is a first step in allowing hemp-derived and CBD businesses to operate similarly to other food and cosmetics ingredients companies. Socati is ready and helping to shape expectations.

A Standard for Regulation and Testing

A defined standard for testing and labeling is particularly important in the CBD industry because many competitors engage in false labeling to hide illegal amounts of THC in their CBD products. This can create significant legal and ethical problems for any manufacturers who purchase these inferior ingredients.

Conversely, Socati proudly assures its customers that its water-soluble CBD and broad-spectrum CBD oil contain non-detectable THC levels. Additionally, its products are processed in an SQF certified facility, and all Socati extracts are all natural, food-grade, kosher, and ingredient grade.

“Socati’s proprietary technology creates hemp extracts that behave just like any other food ingredient, allowing CPG manufacturers to address [customer] demands.” –Josh Epstein, Socati CEO

Socati consistently displays transparency. Their CEO, Josh Epstein, was chosen to speak to the FDA during its first hearing regarding CBD. He addressed them on behalf of manufacturers and urged the FDA to develop industry-wide regulations. Because of this clarity, Socati manufacturers trust, along with its hemp-derived and CBD ingredients.

Links in the CBD Supply Chain

Socati’s role in the industry is multifaceted, and it is poised to become an invaluable name in the hemp and CBD space for years to come and it all starts with a seed.

Seed to Table, Cosmetic Counters, Pet Stores, and Beyond

Socati is involved in hemp at its very inception – seed level. Through its genetic work, the company offers proprietary seeds to hand-selected farmers that deliver high yields of incredible CBD-rich hemp. The strains are resistant to pests and result in ultra-pure CBD. The company is also involved in research and testing of planting and harvesting technologies to develop best practices.

THC Remediation

Because of Socati’s efforts to offer products that contain non-detectable levels of THC, it has developed an innovative process of THC remediation. Its patent-pending procedure isolates THC from hemp extract, preserving those valuable terpene profiles while safely removing any psychoactive properties from the hemp. This strident level of remediation also satisfies the level of trust that major retailers require before adding a product to their inventories.

Customizable CBD Products

Socati has also developed a way to identify specific cannabinoid profiles, which will enable them to dial in a customer’s perfect cannabinoid ratio for special orders. This is an exciting advancement for the company and is groundbreaking to the industry itself.

“Hemp-derived cannabinoids show tremendous potential to help consumers in myriad of ways. Producing ingredients that meet the standards for quality, purity, and customization that manufacturers have come to expect from all their ingredient providers will help unleash that potential.” –Josh Epstein, Socati CEO

High-Quality Hemp-Derived Ingredients

In addition to the specialty seeds, Socati offers high-quality hemp-derived ingredients, rich in CBD and other minor cannabinoids, currently available it two forms, oil and water soluble powder.  Their bulk ingredients are specially made for consumer packaged goods companies to include in their own product formulations. The market for these ingredients run the gamut, including: food, beverage, cosmetics, health, and pet products.

Cannabinoids are the compounds that naturally occur in hemp, CBD being one of those cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids gaining attention are CBG. CBD and CBN but overall there could be over 100 different compounds in hemp. While some research has been done, much still needs to happen to understand these compounds.  Some industry insiders believe that CBD is only the beginning of the hemp revolution and that we will soon be talking about other cannabinoids for their attributes.

Why Are Socati’s CBD Products So in Demand?

All of the research, development, and attention to detail that Socati devotes to its process is reflected in its products. All of Socati’s products are tested by third-party labs that quantify the levels of CBD, CBG, and other desirable cannabinoids in the extract. These labs also confirm the non-detectable levels of THC in Socati extracts and oils.

Water-Soluble CBD Powder

Socati Soluble is the solution to the demand for CBD and cannabinoid-infused products. It contains a similar profile to the company’s flagship Broad-Spectrum Oil, but it dissolves in water. The results are a final product that has little to no taste and because it doesn’t cloud, like some ingredients, virtually no color or noticeable presence in the product. These factors, along with the ability of the formula to stay stable, increases the potential for CBD-infused products.

Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Socati Broad-Spectrum Oil is purified using proprietary technology, which allows the oil to contain rich-amounts of CBD, and other minor cannabinoids, along with non-detectable levels of THC. This consistency provides unrivaled premium quality ingredients, allowing companies using CBD oil, to pass the power of trust to its consumers.

What’s Next for Socati?

The future is bright for Socati, given its specialization and leadership within the CBD industry. The company is innovating, expanding, successfully raising capital, and positioning itself to help shape the very regulations with which the sector will have to comply. It’s important for industry leaders to be a part of the conversation surrounding testing and regulation, and Socati is uniquely qualified to do just that.