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Socati is proud to partner with multiple manufacturers and organizations that share in our purpose of moving our industry forward to deliver safe, quality ingredients to the market. We engage in partnerships with like-minded innovators that recognize the potential for improving consumer wellbeing by developing high quality, scientifically sound cannabinoid ingredients.

Socati holds more than 25+ U.S. and international patents and patent applications related to the extraction, purification and derivation of natural oils and their by-products.

We continually seek new partners that are actively researching innovative technologies, capabilities and scientific solutions. Email to start a conversation about your key areas of interest.


Austin, TX

Socati’s corporate headquarters is located in Austin, TX. In addition to housing many of the company’s basic functions, our headquarters also boasts a unique experiential space on the ground floor, offering occasional, invitation-only events and giving customers the chance to see Socati’s industry-leading ingredients in action.

Missoula, MT

Socati’s processing plant plays an important role in the company’s operations. Located in Missoula, MT, the plant produces some of the highest quality and purest cannabinoid ingredients available. With more than a decade of history as a flavor and fragrance producer for some of the world’s largest CPG companies, the facility and the team at Socati Montana have unique experience that helps get products containing cannabinoid ingredients into production quickly and cost-effectively.

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