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Hemp Boom Brings Jobs, Investment To Missoula

Posted on October 2, 2019

Hemp Boom Brings Jobs, Investment To Missoula

Less than a year ago, industrial hemp was essentially an outlaw crop. Today it’s transformed into the wellspring of an emerging billion-dollar industry.

James Stephens, the Director of Socati Montana, says Socati’s more than $40 million in capital is bankrolling the company's plant near the Missoula airport. "We grew from 11 to 42 employees in the last three months. We're probably looking at doubling or tripling staff by early next year, if not the end of this year. We could be looking at between 100 to 150 people needing to operate this facility at this location."

Stephens says over 80% of his employees are Montanans who are now earning above-average wages and benefits. Women make up half Socati Montana’s workforce. Breana Pabst, a chemical engineer here at Socati is a Great Falls native who graduated from Montana State University. She describes her work as "energizing." "It's an awesome facility to work in, just having that really strong female scientist group. It's great to be a part of it. It's a new industry, so there's new things to figure out, so it's really challenging every day which keeps it interesting."

Find out how Socati is advancing growth in the job market, as well as helping to change the face of the Science industry, with their diverse workforce, including numerous women in science, chemical and industrial engineer roles here.