Socati believes deeply in the collaborative power of nature and science to effect incredible change and a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to be a pioneer in the rapidly growing hemp-derived CBD and cannabinoid market through integrating our proprietary genetics, extraction and purification capabilities into the global manufacturing supply chain.

Socati's three pillars to building a global non-detectable THC full broad spectrum hemp extract supply chain for our customers:


Socati has made significant investments in technology and processes that are highly disruptive to the global Cannabinoid supply chain. Our industrial-scale output allows major manufacturers and brands to deliver new products to global markets seeking the health benefits of CBD-based goods. Socati’s commitment to innovation - and its unique vertically integrated position - ensures scalability now and into future.

Quality Assurance

Socati understands the critical importance of ensuring our products are safe and effective by adhering to the highest possible standards. Operating throughout the value chain, Socati is committed to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), assuring our customers of consistent, high quality, non-detectable THC CBD ingredients for natural products at scale.

Research & Development

We believe in the power of hemp to improve the lives of millions. Socati has already invested heavily in our hemp seed genetics and our patent-pending cannabinoid extraction and purification technology, resulting in the only true non-detectable THC broad spectrum hemp oil for industrial scale CBD product input material. Our research & development is targeted against significant market opportunities and Socati will continue to generate proprietary technology and processes that transform the industry.