By eliminating psychoactive THC from broad spectrum hemp, Socati truly unlocks the power of CBD and it’s complimentary terpenes – the natural building blocks for safe, consistent, and effective products - putting our partners and customers in the position to meet unprecedented consumer demand for CBD infused products.

Seed Genetics

Socati, in partnership with Boring Hemp Company, offers farmers multiple varieties of proven high-CBD genetics, including our newly introduced cultivar, Socati Sunrise. With strains reaching high-test CBD content of 12-25%+, our genetics are available in both monoecious and feminized seed that are highly resistant to mites and other sucking insects. High CBD-yield crops are set to become the most lucrative and sought after biostock in the industry, with global CBD market projections reaching $22 B by 2022.

Socati Spectrum CBD

Socati utilizes patent pending technology to remove psychoactive THC from hemp extract. This process delivers ultra-high purity CBD content while achieving targeted terpene profiles and minor cannabinoid ratios that generate the natural “entourage effect” consumers demand. Socati Spectrum is perfect for product manufacturers & brands seeking a scalable source of high-end non-detectable THC broad spectrum extract.

Socati Spectrum Water Solubles

Building on the success of our non-detectable THC broad spectrum hemp oil, and in response to a growing consumer demand for CBD infused beverages, Socati is developing the first truly stable non-detectable THC broad spectrum water-soluble cannabinoid additives. Socati Water Solubles boast a complete entourage of CBD and cannabinoids to produce stable, fully dissolved products for consistent and reliable consumer experiences.

THC Remediation

When it comes to hemp infused products, consumers and regulators will demand near complete THC elimination, creating significant potential risk for producers whose biomass doesn’t meet these expectations. Socati’s separation process eliminates delta-9 THC and delta-9 THCa, and we are pleased to offer a fully scaled remediation service to ensure your hemp stock and full spectrum extracts remain viable products as the hemp industry evolves.

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