By Denis Mariti

Yesterday October 10, Socati Corp., Texas-based company, announced that it is in the process of debuting the first flavorless water-soluble cannabinoid ingredients. The company will be launching these new CBD ingredients at the SupplySide West from October 15 to October 19 in Las Vegas. Socati is introducing the microencapsulation tech from the food and beverage industry into the cannabis industry. With the microencapsulation technology, it is possible to manufacture customizable formulations. The technology makes it possible to extend shell life by integrating antimicrobials and antioxidants. Other capabilities brought about, but the microencapsulation includes flavor solutions for ingredients creation. The company’s texture and flavor portfolio are way above what the current market is offering.

Socati’s new ingredients are unique from being water-soluble to being flavorless. These unique characteristics are what makes it is easy for the incorporation of hemp-extracted CBD without relying on the emulsification process, additional flavors, surfactants, or any other complicated procedures.

According to Josh Epstein, Socati CEO, incorporation of CBD into foods, topicals, and beverages without altering the texture and flavor of the final products is a major challenge faced by the industry. This problem is yet to find a working solution.

“Socati meets the standards necessary for satisfying the increasing customer demands for CBD products. Our new ingredients leverage modern technologies in the beverage and food industry,” noted Epstein.

The new products, just like all other Socati products, rely on chromatographic processes to ensure that all necessary compounds in the hemp plant are present in the final product. Socati products contain very low, close to zero, concentrations of THC such that it is impossible to trace them in a lab. Another added advantage to the new product is the customizable product technology that Socati uses. With this technology, the company can buy natural ingredients with desired CBD profiles to meet customer demands for customized products.

Socati has raised, in private capital, $42 million since 2018. This has enabled the company to make significant advancements in marijuana-derived ingredients. Customers visiting Socati’s booth from 15th to 19th at SupplySide West will take part in the demonstration that will feature Socati’s water-soluble flavorless ingredients. These clients will also get a chance to network with the company leadership personnel.

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