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Socati has developed its first flavorless, water-soluble CBG-rich cannabinoid ingredient. Using a proprietary chromatographic process, Socati ensures ultra-high purity CBD content with undetectable levels of THC, the company says. Further, this product, the company mentions, enables manufacturers to make customizable formulations without the need for emulsifiers, additional flavoring, surfactants, or other treatments.

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Socati debuts flavourless water soluble CBG-rich cannabinoid ingredients

Socati’s newest water soluble ingredients bring advanced microencapsulation technology from the food and beverage world into the hemp-derived ingredients market, delivering flavor and texture profiles unmatched by current offerings. Socati’s new water soluble ingredients are truly flavorless. Their unique properties enable manufacturers to incorporate hemp-derived cannabinoids into their products without the need for emulsifiers, surfactants, additional flavoring agents or other complicated treatments.

Learn more about Socati’s ingredients and fully customizable product technology, which offers manufacturers the ability to purchase all-natural ingredients with specific cannabinoid profiles to meet increasing consumer demand for personalized products.


In a sea of CBD, Socati’s CEO Josh Epstein sheds light on how to Source Quality CBD Products. Find out how to better read and understand the certificate of analysis (CoA) and how that can help form the best decisions when purchasing CBD and hemp-derived ingredients here.

Whole Foods Magazine

Socati Mentioned in SupplySide West Highlights

Our clean label, high-quality CBD (as well as CBG and CBN) and the debut of our new water soluble cannabinoid ingredient, which are flavorless and enable manufacturers to incorporate hemp-derived cannabinoids without the need for emulsifiers, surfactants or additional flavoring agents, made the list of notable SSW exhibitors and products in Whole Foods Magazine.

Food Manufacture

Hemp extracts processor Socati is working with Hype Energy Drinks to develop a UK drink containing flavourless, water-soluble CBD ingredients for use in food and drink products.

“It is a very exciting opportunity and a product which we think will have strong appeal in the market,” Mark Elfenbein, chief revenue officer at Socati, told Food Manufacture

“We offer a broad-spectrum hemp extract ingredient that we believe will be attractive to the UK market. As more manufacturers are learning about us, and the demand for advanced ingredients like ours continues to grow in the territory, we think that there will be enormous opportunities for us in the UK market.

“We see the UK market as a priority. We are seeing significant interest in our ingredients in the UK and throughout Europe. As that interest scales, so will our exploration of investing in manufacturing overseas. We are not there yet, but are certainly tracking development of these markets.”

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Pinpointing a palatable flavor profile has long been a prominent formulation challenge for makers of products containing hemp extracts. Targeting this need, Socati Corp. is integrating advanced microencapsulation technology from the food and beverage spaces into applications within the hemp-derived ingredients market. The US producer of THC*-free full spectrum hemp extracts has debuted a line of flavorless water soluble ingredients aimed at enabling manufacturers to incorporate hemp-derived cannabinoids into their products without the need for emulsifiers, surfactants, additional flavoring agents or other “complicated treatments.”

Learn more about Socati’s customizable product technology here.

Times of CBD

On Oct. 10, Socati Corp. announced that it is in the process of debuting the first flavorless water-soluble cannabinoid ingredients. The company will be launching these new CBD ingredients at the SupplySide West from Oct. 15 to Oct. 19 in Las Vegas. Socati is introducing the microencapsulation tech from the food and beverage industry into the cannabis industry.

Find out more about this revolutionary ingredient here.

Food Navigator

Hemp processor Socati Corp. is using “advanced microencapsulation” to deliver a water-soluble CBD ingredient for food and beverage applications. “Incorporating cannabinoids into beverages, food and topicals without altering flavor or texture of finished products has been a significant problem faced by the industry which, up to now, hasn’t had a viable commercial solution,” said Socati CEO Josh Epstein. “Through leveraging some of the most advanced technologies in the food and beverage industry, our new ingredient offers the precision that manufacturers require to satisfy the rapidly growing consumer demand for products containing CBD and other cannabinoids.”

Explore how Socati is customizing CBD for consumers here.

Hemp Industry Daily

Socati’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Elfenbein spoke with Hemp Industry Daily about how hemp and CBD companies can position themselves and their products to reach retail customers. Elfenbein told readers that retailers are looking for increasing variety and customization in their products, including hitting a variety of price points for consumers. “Where it used to be just two high-end brands selling the same product for the same price four months ago, now you have 10 to 15 brands that are being offered, each with maybe three SKUs,” he said.

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Montana Public Radio

James Stephens, director of Socati Montana, says Socati Corp.’s more than $40 million in capital is bankrolling the company’s plant near the Missoula airport.

“We grew from 11 to 42 employees in the last three months. We’re probably looking at doubling or tripling staff by early next year, if not the end of this year. We could be looking at between 100 to 150 people needing to operate this facility at this location.”

Find out how Socati is advancing growth in the job market, as well as helping to change the face of the science industry, with their diverse workforce, including numerous women in science, chemical and industrial engineer roles here.

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