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Socati targets hot beverages market with new CBD product launches

Less than a month after launching its private label line offering customers custom ratios of CBD and other minor cannabinoids, Socati is targeting the hot beverage market with a line of CBD-infused coffee additive products.

Read the full article from Food Navigator here.

Socati Announces New Line of Single Serve CBD-Infused Products for Coffee & Hot Beverage Industries

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Socati Corp today announced the launch of two new private label, CBD-infused, products for hot beverages.

Each of the water dispersible powdered formulas are packaged as single serve stick packs, and contain customizable levels of high-purity CBD per serving. Socati’s broad spectrum hemp ingredients are produced in a GFSI (Good Food Safety Initiative) certified facility, are non-GMO, kosher and suitable for vegan diets.

The sugar and dairy-free products from the new beverage-focused line include:

  • CBD Coffee Brightener: unflavored, unsweetened, rapidly dissolving powder stick pack brightens coffee, pairing well with both dairy or non-dairy additives
  • CBD Coffee Sweetener: Madagascar vanilla brown sugar flavored, rapidly dissolving powder stick pack. Sweetened naturally with stevia and monk fruit

Read the full release here.

Socati launches CBD-infused sweetener for hot beverages

Socati wants consumers to perk up their morning cup of coffee with CBD.

The hemp processor told Food Dive it is rolling out a hot beverage-focused private label product line with a water dispersible coffee brightener and natural sweetener. The single serve stick packs contain customizable levels of CBD per serving.

“We think that coffee is a very significant industry,” Mark Elfenbein, Socati’s chief revenue officer, told Food Dive. “And we haven’t seen a product yet today in the space that is essentially an all-in-one enhancer to a cup of coffee in terms of impacting the taste profile, providing a very high-end natural sweetener and also broad spectrum CBD in the product.”

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Socati rolls out private label cannabinoid line

Broad-spectrum hemp extract processor Socati has unveiled its private label offering. The Austin, Texas-based company’s lineup allows for customization of the ratios of such cannabinoids as CBD, CBG and CBD in the final products, which also contain a non-detectable amount of THC.

Socati noted that it offers a concept-to-market partnership to work with companies looking to develop new lines or augment existing offerings. The company employs agronomists, geneticists, food scientists and marketers that it says enables a speedy and efficient launch process.

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Hemp Horizons: Socati’s Private Label Targets Minor Cannabinoids

Considering their fast surge to ubiquity in beverages, it can be easy to forget at times that THC and CBD are merely two of over 100 (so far) identified cannabinoids that exist in the cannabis plant. Those other compounds — CBG, CBN, CBC and CBL, to name some — may not be household names quite yet, but if they come anywhere close to the projections for the CBD market (approximately $24 billion by 2023), then they are certainly going to be big.

At least, that’s what Texas-based hemp supplier Socati is betting on. The company is aiming to set itself up as a long-term player in the space by focusing on creating custom minor cannabinoid profiles for its clients through the launch of a new full-service private label division capable of producing a variety of products, including gummies, tinctures, capsules, tablets and crystalized flavored powdered that can be added to liquids or consumed orally.

Read the full BevNET article here.

CBD Private-Label Ingredient Line

Socati Corp has announced its new Private Label lineup. The line includes: Crystallized Flavored Powder—water-soluble powder available in stick packs or in bulk to precise specification and potency; Gummies—fully customizable vegan & organic defined spectrum CBD gummies with four natural fruit flavors; Tinctures—a line of tinctures using only natural flavorings or essential oils in combination with natural sweeteners; Softgels—water-soluble capsules made with all-natural ingredients filled with oil of customizable potency; Pressed Tablets—tight pressed tablets made from customizable powder ingredients; and Two-piece Capsules—capsules comprised of two rigid shells filled with dry powder or viscous oil to customized potencies.

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Socati Now Offers Private Label Lineup

Socati Now Offers Private Label Lineup

Austin, Texas-based Socati Corp., a leading processor of broad-spectrum hemp extracts, has launched its new Private Label lineup, a full-service offering allowing new and existing brands focused on delivering hemp-infused goods to create and customize several innovative CBD-rich finished products.

Socati’s new private label offering provides a full “concept-to-market” partnership for both established brands looking to develop new lines of hemp-infused products and entities looking to launch new and innovative brands in the growing CBD market. Socati’s world-class team of agronomists, geneticists, food scientists, marketing experts and partners ensure, safe, high purity products are made to precision specifications and can be deployed to market quickly and efficiently.

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Socati Moves from Generic CBD Products to Present Customizable…

Socati Moves from Generic CBD Products to Present Customizable Private Label Line

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, leading processor focusing on broad-spectrum hemp extracts, Socati Corp announced the launch of its new line of cannabinoids called the Private Label.

As per the press release, this line is a service that allows new and existing brands focused on delivering hemp-infused goods to create several innovative CBD-rich finished products with customizable ratios of minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN.

Speaking regarding this rather unique service is the CEO of Socati, Josh Epstein who shared that the Private Label line is their way of attracting those who either want something different in comparison to the typically offered hemp products or to simply explore the different cannabinoids that exist.

Read the full Times of CBD article here.

Socati launches private label lineup of customizable cannabinoid products

Socati launches private label lineup of customizable cannabinoid products

Socati Corp. (Austin, TX) is launching a private label division for its fully-customizable portfolio of hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients. The new private label offering provides a concept-to-market partnership for both new and established brands looking to develop new hemp-derived products for the growing CBD market.

“With the creation of Socati’s private label division, we’re able to provide an efficient route to market for those looking to introduce new hemp-infused products or improve existing product manufacturing processes.” said Socati CEO, Josh Epstein, in a press release. “It means brands and product innovators can respond quickly to changing consumer tastes and market trends, developing and launching high specification, quality products at speed and scale without tying up their existing manufacturing capacity or setting up their own costly infrastructure.”

The customizable private label products Socati offers now include crystalized flavored powder, gummies, tinctures, softgels, pressed tablets, and two-piece capsules. Socati’s Montana-based processing facility complies with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)-recognized benchmarking requirements and adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for manufacturing.

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This Week In Cannabis

The Week In Cannabis: MedMen And Sundial Lose Their CEOs, Santa Cruz Gets Trippy And Much More

Broad-spectrum hemp producer Socati launched its private label lineup, a full “concept-to-market” platform with customizable cannabinoid products. The platform enables new and established brands looking to develop innovative lines of hemp-infused products to customize safe, high-quality finished packaged products they can market.
Socati provides its team of agronomists, geneticists, food scientists and marketing experts to ensure new branded products can be deployed to market quickly and efficiently.

“Outside of the top 20 brands in the market, entities looking to develop new hemp-infused products need a partner who can customize, create and manufacture a range of high quality goods efficiently to meet market demand.” said Socati’s Mark Elfenbein.

“Socati has innovated over the past year by being the first to offer the ability to precisely customize ratios of minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN in water soluble and broad spectrum oils, a factor that has made it the preferred supplier to many of the largest brands in the market.”

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