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Hemp Industry Daily

Socati’s Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Elfenbein spoke with Hemp Industry Daily about how hemp and CBD companies can position themselves and their products to reach retail customers. Elfenbein told readers that retailers are looking for increasing variety and customization in their products, including hitting a variety of price points for consumers. “Where it used to be just two high-end brands selling the same product for the same price four months ago, now you have 10 to 15 brands that are being offered, each with maybe three SKUs,” he said.

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Montana Public Radio

James Stephens, director of Socati Montana, says Socati Corp.’s more than $40 million in capital is bankrolling the company’s plant near the Missoula airport.

“We grew from 11 to 42 employees in the last three months. We’re probably looking at doubling or tripling staff by early next year, if not the end of this year. We could be looking at between 100 to 150 people needing to operate this facility at this location.”

Find out how Socati is advancing growth in the job market, as well as helping to change the face of the science industry, with their diverse workforce, including numerous women in science, chemical and industrial engineer roles here.

Nutritional Outlook

Hemp-derived cannabinoids show tremendous potential to help consumers in myriad ways. Socati Corp. is producing ingredients that meet the standards for quality, purity, and customization that manufacturers have come to expect from all their ingredient providers will help unleash that potential.

Explore how Socati is customizing CBD for consumers here.

Times of CBD

Amidst the fast pace cannabinoid and hemp market comes many entrants, some of whom are still riding the waves of success, while others have drowned away. A recent post by Business News Line looked at a particular hemp brand, Socati Corp. and its three core values that led to its overall success.

Learn more how Socati’s dedication to quality and innovation make it a leader in the cannabinoid space here.

Business News Line

Socati Corp. was formed as a company that is committed to use a combination of nature and science to deliver products that respond to the wide range of consumer demands. The company is known for having an incredibly positive impact on the industry and has brought forth a variety of products for people who want to improve their lives.

The development of the company stems from three main factors: Scalability, High Quality and Good Investment Practices, together which alter the manner in which Socati operates. These three values also guide and dictate the overall growth that Socati is best known for in the industry.

Learn more about how Socati is leading the way in the cannabinoid and CBD industry here.

Food Dive

Socati Corp. is mentioned among companies “jockeying to provide hemp-based products” with the announcement of its CBD oil and water-soluble powdered products derived from hemp.

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Austin Business Journal

The latest arrival to Austin’s startup scene is Socati Corp. after announcing plan to relocate from Oregon to Austin and move its executive headquarters into 8,568 square feet at 612 Brazos St., in the building formerly occupied by coworking space The Refinery. Socati has 15 employees in Austin now but CEO Josh Epstein expects to employ 40-50 people in the Texas capital by mid-2020.

Learn more about Socati’s intriguing business model, and why this exciting start-up chose Austin as its headquarters here.

Nutritional Outlook

Following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD-infused products have been hitting store shelves across the U.S., with the hemp-derived ingredient now found in everything from food and beverage products to oils and topical creams and even pet snacks. But as these products continue to grow in popularity among consumers, a great deal of confusion persists regarding what companies can and cannot say about the health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) products.

Socati Corp.’s CEO, Josh Epstein, sheds light on CBD and cannabinoid industries and products, and how not all of them are created equal. Learn more here.

Food Dive

Food Dive covered Socati’s recent announcement about the company’s ability to offer customizable cannabinoid profiles, and the two initial products built on the technology that makes this possible.

Socati seems well-positioned to contribute to the growing CBD food and beverage market. It has raised more than $40 million from private investors. It recently acquired a 22,000-square-foot food-grade production facility following its purchase of Blue Marble Biomaterials in Montana. The purchase allowed Socati to increase production of full-spectrum hemp extracts and access Blue Marble’s expertise in formulations.

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Hemp Processor Socati Corp. Moves Headquarters to Austin

Hemp Processor Socati Corp. Moves Headquarters to Austin

  • Leading CBD manufacturer to open executive headquarters in Downtown Austin to leverage tech-savvy workforce
  • Housed in a former coworking space, Socati office will include event, experiential space to showcase its unique ingredient offerings
  • Re-location follows major investments in Montana processing plant, Oregon seed and genetics facility

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Socati Corp. today announced the opening of its executive headquarters in Austin, a move to accommodate the company’s rapidly expanding team and to help sustain its recent growth in the marketplace for CBD and other hemp-derived ingredients.

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