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CBD Beverage Stick Packs

Flavored Crystallized Stick PackWhite paper stick pack

Ideal for today’s on-the-go consumers, stick packs are a convenient, single-serve, and portable way to directly consume or mix CBD into water or your favorite beverages. Packaged in 10 mg dosages, we currently offer six different signature fruit flavors, all sourced from natural ingredients.

This one-of-a-kind innovation is completely unique to today’s crowded hemp space. Using only natural sugars and flavors, our flavored powder lineup is unparalleled in the food and beverage industry. Take advantage of this opportunity to be among the first-to-market while gaining consumer confidence and market share.

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“In comparison to traditional packaging materials, stick packaging solutions are more cost-effective, sustainable, convenient and have a lower carbon footprint. They are also more effective than larger storage packs as the contents are less prone to spoilage due to moisture, contamination and wastage.”

Functional Hot Beverage Enhancers

Let your consumers enjoy their favorite premium, artisan coffees with our signature CBD stick pack additions. Options Include:

  • Unflavored, unsweetened stick pack: This whitener will not change the flavor of customized, artisan beverages. This rapidly dissolving powder pairs well with cream and nitro cold brew.
  • Vanilla brown sugar flavored, sweetened stick pack: Sweetened with stevia and monk fruit, this naturally flavored stick pack brings premium flavors to basic drinks such as lattes.

Using only natural sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit, our unique quick dissolving stick packs are a versatile, unique way for consumers to enjoy CBD in a convenient and portable manner.

Connect with us today to explore how you can better serve the needs of a broader range of consumers.

“The $15.1 billion coffee category is projected to grow a respectable 22.7% through 2024 largely thanks to the trendsetting RTD (ready-to-drink) coffee segment, which is on pace to outgrow the long-time coffee leader, roasted coffee, within five years.”
Mintel, Coffee – US – July 2019

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The Socati Ingredient Standard

Socati ingredient products feature non-detectable levels of THC* and are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents, significantly improving product purity, taste, and texture.


  • Non-detectable THC*
  • High purity CBD and custom minor ratios
  • Tested and verified by third party labs
  • Kosher
  • Ingredient grade
  • Contains no residual pesticides, solvents, or heavy metals

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