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Whether your company is launching a new line of hemp-infused products to complement an existing consumer offering, or you’re looking to create your own brand and invest in yourself, Socati is your end-to-end partner.

We offer several innovative, high-quality CBD-rich finished products that allow you to build a loyal consumer base under your own private label. Allow our world-class team of agronomists, geneticists, chemists, marketing experts, and partners to help bring your safe, quality product to market.

Partnering with Socati provides you access to our industry-leading defined spectrum hemp ingredients with unrivaled consistency paired with top-notch customer service. Choose to work with a like-minded innovator that prioritizes consumer wellbeing through developing quality and scientifically sound cannabinoid products.

For more information, download our 2020 Product Catalog.

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Quality + Integrity

Socati ingredient products feature non-detectable levels of THC* and are free of pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents, significantly improving product purity, taste, and texture.

Using our patented technology suite, Socati creates natural, hemp-derived ingredients that feature fully customizable cannabinoid profiles, raising or lowering the levels of CBD, CBG, CBN, and other minor cannabinoids. This gives you complete control over your products and enables you to serve the needs of a broader range of consumers.

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*As determined by independent testing with leading U.S. laboratories.
**Private label goods are produced in qualified third-party manufacturing facilities.