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Expertise where it counts

Our team of scientists and innovators have decades of experience, and together our experts hold more than 150 issued and pending patents for inventions related to the extraction, purification and derivation of natural oils and their byproducts. Over the years, we have built and operated commercial-scale GMP compliant facilities across the globe in the oleochemical, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and medical cannabis markets.

This assembly of experts is the Socati difference. Our expertise ensures cannabinoid ingredients are consistent at scale and that they deliver the precision and quality that manufacturers expect from every other ingredient they use.

Our all-natural, proprietary extraction and refinement methods and formulation processes enable us to meet the growing needs of the food and beverage industry for high quality, natural, GMO-free ingredients with highly customizable levels of cannabinoids.

We partner with top-tier growers who understand large-scale propagation and have been in commercial agriculture for decades with the goal of establishing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. Our team of expert agronomists work together with farmers through field visits to collect soil samples, assess equipment, review harvesting plans and even help with establishing methodical strategies to maximize growth.

Part of this partnership is ensuring that our farmers have the tools and materials necessary for success. Our farmers have access to proven, high-quality seeds that guarantee that the time and effort invested in crops will generate a product that yields high-value oils while remaining compliant with USDA standards.

We are proud to provide growers assurance that when our seeds are planted, they will perform.

Our Proprietary Process

Socati’s advanced proprietary extraction methods allow us to deliver quality, customizable hemp ingredients that are rich with all-natural cannabinoids and free from pesticides, chemicals and other “junk” materials commonly found in today’s CBD products.

By using terpenes from the hemp plant itself to extract cannabinoids, we have created a sustainable, natural process that eliminates the need for chemicals as well as the byproduct of environmental waste created by traditional extraction methods.

Our team has developed an advanced chromatography process that allows Socati to manufacture a continuous supply of customizable cannabinoids ingredients with the lowest possible levels of THC*. This enables Socati to serve the needs of large, international CPG companies that are seeking high-quality raw materials without raising concerns about the presence of psychoactive compounds.

Committed to quality

Socati’s high-tech chromatographic processes are more efficient than other systems, delivering true broad-spectrum ingredients with non-detectable THC* levels. Using this advanced technology in conjunction with our proprietary seed genetics, Socati can produce pure, natural cannabinoid ingredients that meet a manufacturers exact specifications for cannabinoid content, taste, and format.

Socati adheres to the same best practices for quality and safety as every other food ingredient manufacturer, including complete compliance with GFSI and GMP recognized standards, ensuring our customers have the highest quality, most reliable supply of the cannabinoid ingredients their consumers demand.

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*As determined by independent testing with leading U.S. laboratories.