What exactly does “clean labelling” and organics mean for the hemp processing industry? We sat down with Quality Manager, Rachael Kropp to learn more about Socati’s commitment to traceability, supply chains and systems.

What is organic certification?
Organic certification is a rigorous state-regulated audit process to review both manufacturing facilities and processing system plans on behalf of the USDA. It’s certainly a growing trend and we want to continue following best practices in clean labelling as well as organic product offerings.

What purpose does organic certification have?
For consumers, it allows much tighter traceability of organic ingredients and processes. For manufacturers, it’s all about increasing trust with organic suppliers. Organic certification strengthens quality as well as processing systems with a consumer-friendly approach for ingredient products.

Organic can be seen as the “gold standard” for clean labelling to address consumer concerns about product safety. In other words, the ultimate goal of clean labelling is to have a layperson look at a label and understand everything they’re reading.

How has Socati been able to adopt organic practices?

Going organic is challenging and requires a lot more creativity and testing than traditional industries. There’s often a knowledge and research gap that makes it difficult for competitors to achieve organic certification. I’d say that Socati is a more well-rounded company due to its history in food and flavoring R&D. We think outside the box and commit to problem solving with a lens from outside the hemp industry.

Not to mention that clean labelling is a global movement that we can’t ignore. There are powerful trends driving the food, beverage and nutraceutical industry and we’re just as driven to be successful in these areas. We’re always thinking about how to move forward and how to continuously improve as an industry leader.


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