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The Week In Cannabis: MedMen And Sundial Lose Their CEOs, Santa Cruz Gets Trippy And Much More

Broad-spectrum hemp producer Socati launched its private label lineup, a full “concept-to-market” platform with customizable cannabinoid products. The platform enables new and established brands looking to develop innovative lines of hemp-infused products to customize safe, high-quality finished packaged products they can market.
Socati provides its team of agronomists, geneticists, food scientists and marketing experts to ensure new branded products can be deployed to market quickly and efficiently.

“Outside of the top 20 brands in the market, entities looking to develop new hemp-infused products need a partner who can customize, create and manufacture a range of high quality goods efficiently to meet market demand.” said Socati’s Mark Elfenbein.

“Socati has innovated over the past year by being the first to offer the ability to precisely customize ratios of minor cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN in water soluble and broad spectrum oils, a factor that has made it the preferred supplier to many of the largest brands in the market.”

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