Socati is proud to announce that we’re now certified organic! To celebrate this accomplishment, we sat down with COO Brad Kelley to learn more about the future of organic within the hemp processing industry.

What does organic mean to you? What’s its place in the industry?
I come from a regulatory background in the flavor space. To me, it’s all about helping consumers feel comfortable making a buying (or repeat) buying decision. When this paradigm is applied to organic, it means that we prioritize quality and create products that provide consumers only the best benefits – all without unintended consequences.

From a consumer standpoint, it eliminates concerns associated with purchasing non-organic products. Research has proven that the “label reader” demographic will consistently choose organic for the confidence and transparency with pure and natural products.

What exactly is organic certification?
On behalf of the USDA, the State of Montana (an impartial, third-party) has audited our processes and supply chain to ensure we’re both buying and producing products that are consistent with regulated standards. Certifications like this allow consumers to make informed decisions while feeling confident that they’re purchasing from reputable sources.

It’s no secret that the hemp industry suffers from a legitimacy problem. This effort we’ve undertaken to achieve organic certification is a demonstration of our willingness to be audited and our commitment to increasing trust with consumers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Socati only produces trusted, transparent and traceable products. This is the criteria our customers should use to judge competitors and is also the criteria we use to vet partners and suppliers. Establishing common industry benchmarks will help to better shape the conversation around quality.

Why isn’t organic certification more commonplace within the industry?
Simply put, it’s a lot of work and a significant knowledge investment into advancing quality and regulatory programs that many companies are unable to undertake. Everything from our supply chain down to other ingredients used need to be compatible with regulated standards.

However, we see an opportunity here to make investments into our teams and systems to continue being an industry leader with our focus on trust, transparency and traceability.


Socati Montana is proud to be certified under the Montana Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program. In addition to our SQF and GFSI certifications, this program allows us to increase transparency with our supply chain and further support the “clean label” movement.

Take control over what is put in your products and adapt to changing consumer preferences. Connect with us today to request a sample and learn more about our new Organic Hemp Extract.