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USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extracts

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Socati Montana is proud to be certified under the Montana Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program. In addition to Socati’s Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification, this program allows us to increase transparency with our supply chain and further support the “clean label” movement. Take control over what is put in your products and adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Why go organic?


1 Certified organic seals guarantees certain safeguards to consumers, verified by third-parties. This includes no GMOs, ionizing radiation or sewage sludge.

2 Annual compliance inspections require documentation of organic practices which protects soil ecology and water quality. For consumers, certified organic also provides assurance in traceability.

3 Food labelling can be confusing and misleading which is why certified organic is an important choice for consumers. Buyers are increasingly seeking out and promoting organic products due to consumer demand.



Completed by the State of Montana in 2020, this rigorous certification program included a review of both our organic processing procedures and site audits of our Montana facility. Certification of our technology and systems allows us to create the highest value products possible while helping consumers make better informed purchasing decisions. For manufacturers, this is a certification that can be trusted in sourcing organic suppliers.

Increase the confidence your consumers have in your high-value products and grow your market share with Socati Organic Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum ingredients.



Hand holding hemp plant

The Socati Standard

  • Non-detectable THC*
  • High purity CBD and custom minor ratios
  • Tested and verified by third party labs
  • Produced in a GFSI certified, food grade, processing facility
  • Kosher
  • Ingredient grade
  • Contains no residual pesticides, solvents, or heavy metals

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*As determined by independent testing with leading U.S. laboratories.